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The Laboratory for Energy And Power Solutions (LEAPS) creates technical and business solutions that facilitate the global transition to a resilient low-carbon economy.

What we do

LEAPS is changing the world one step at a time

LEAPS takes energy innovations from concept to construction with a focus on energy access, microgrids, grid modernization, resilient infrastructure, and workforce development. Dr. Nathan Johnson manages the research team with a one-acre microgrid test bed and computational laboratory that combines simulation-based design with hands-on fabrication to create next-generation solutions to current market needs. The team creates functional prototypes for laboratory testing and field deployment, with technology transferred to the private sector for scaling. The entire LEAPS team is also active in workforce development programs to support Veterans and civilians in the rapidly changing energy economy.

Grid Modernization

Grid-edge solutions and microgrids from circuits to systems

  • Distributed control strategies for microgrids and microgrid networks to enable the transition to a next-generation grid
  • Microgrid and distributed energy resource asset operation through a combination of hierarchical, distributed, and centralized control strategies
  • Control algorithms implemented in hardware and power electronics with off-the-shelf components and customized solutions
  • A focus on flexibility, scalability, and robustness

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Workforce Development

Training and continuing education for a changing energy economy

  • A blend of simulation-based design with interactive hands-on exercises for comprehensive training.
  • Flexible delivery modes including in-person, online, and remote in-classroom delivery
  • Wide range of customizable training modules available for K-12 education, college/university education, and workforce development

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Global Energy Access

Affordable and reliable access to clean energy for all

  • Rapid mini-grid engineering designs and business model development to accelerate rural electrification
  • Turnkey solutions to provide power, water, and healthcare for disaster relief
  • Providing technical assistance and innovation strategies to utilities in emerging markets being stressed by climate change

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Defense Energy Security

Energy transition planning for nations, defense, and economic engines

  • Creating energy transition plans for nations to accelerate net-zero goals and improve self-reliance to mitigate risk to foreign actors and fuel supply shocks
  • Identifying how strategic contours at the global and national scale affect energy supply and energy demand needs in out years
  • Conducting workshops and co-developing action plans that enable and empower stakeholders to continuously learn, adapt, and innovate
  • Creating opportunities for public-private partnerships that enhance security and economic development

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