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Partnership Models

  • Enterprise models: LEAPS provides partners with discounted fees or a single enterprise fee for many individuals to undergo training.
  • Licensing: Partner licenses and utilizes training for their target market. Licensing is an add-on to the Train-the-Trainer program is included with all instructional equipment.
  • Train-the-Trainer: LEAPS provides a Train-the-Trainer program for partners seeking to replicate content and exercises in their own facilities. Each 2-5 day Master Class maps to 1-2 weeks preparation in a Train-the-Trainer program completed at the ASU campus. Portable instructional equipment, such as the Microgrid-On-a-Desk (MOD), is recommended permit instructors to take physical experiments and hands-on exercises back to their own institutions.
  • Instructional and testing equipment: LEAPS provides partners with one or more portable (suitcase or trailer) or semi-portable (container) training equipment and testing laboratories that give partners the comprehensive capability to complete hands-on kW-scale exercises for testing, commissioning, integration, controls, operation, and maintenance of both off-grid and on-grid systems. Offerings include all equipment listed in the Training Tools and Facilities section, and curriculum can be included with all offerings.