LEAPS offers over 300 hours of training in microgrid and grid modernization topics. Training is available online, as concept-based lessons in a classroom setting, and hands-on through interactive simulators and physical hardware at ASU or through extension education. Topics complement student education and support existing working professionals to yield trained personnel for the growing industries of renewables, microgrids, off-grid power, and grid modernization.

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Hands-on Microgrid Bootcamp

LEAPS delivers a one-week, 40-hour intensive training session at the ASU Polytechnic Campus Grid Modernization and Microgrid Test Bed. Content includes an introduction to microgrid systems, high-level microgrid system sizing and feasibility analysis, hands-on microgrid operation and control, electrical design of distribution networks, and tours of utility-scale facilities.

Microgrid Master Classes

Master Classes with microgrid content that is tailored for particular job categories. A short summary of available training modules is indicated below with hours of content listed. These modules are grouped into packages delivered in 2-5 days, and if desired, can be taken in full and completed in 4-weeks including the below content and optional training sequences for advanced training.

  • Introductory topics (3-7 hrs)
  • Microgrid concepts and motivations (3-5 hrs)
  • Feasibility assessment (12-14 hrs)
  • Preliminary system design (8-10 hrs)
  • Power engineering (10-12 hrs)
  • Business model development (6-8 hrs)
  • Permitting and procurement (3-5 hrs)
  • Commissioning/deployment (15-22 hrs)
  • Operation and controls (10-12 hrs)
  • Maintenance and troubleshooting (3-6 hrs)

Grid Modernization Classes

LEAPS delivers 1-2 day Master Class training on advanced grid modernization topics. Sessions can also be tailored to provide a workshop-format for attendees seeking to work through specific topics or problems from their own use cases.

Grid Cybersecurity Master Class

In collaboration with IncSys, LEAPS offers an interactive 2-day training focused on power grid operation and cybersecurity. This workshop utilizes the Incsys PowerSimulator training software to provide dynamic simulations of power networks and a user interface for grid operation. Breakfast and lunch are included for each day.

Resilient Infrastructure Master Class

LEAPS offers a 1-2 day Master Class for infrastructure planning and real-time operations through the Resilient Infrastructure Simulation Environment (RISE) software.

K-12 Education and Train-the-Trainer

LEAPS offers short educational programs to engage and inspire K-12 students in energy careers. Instruction materials can be complemented with a Train-the-Trainer approach to provide partnering educators with 10-20 hours of content to integrate energy concepts into their own curriculum. Hands-on lessons are available using the LEAPS Microgrid-on-a-Desk (see Tools and Facilities for more information).

Primary Education

1-hour workshops introduce students in grades K-3rd and 4-8th to introductory energy concepts, uses for energy, and basic circuitry/circuit building intended to inspire and spark curiosity in STEM related fields.

Secondary Education

2-day workshops introduce students in grades 9-12th to intermediate electricity topics, power system infrastructure, and hands-on circuit building with real power system components (solar panels, batteries, charge controllers, inverters, and circuit protection devices).


Online Courses

LEAPS offers online courses to expand access to training in the areas of microgrid design, energy analytics, and grid operation.

Microgrid Design and Evaluation Online Course

More than 100 hours of online content provides a comprehensive approach to microgrid design and evaluation including foundational microgrid concepts, high-level microgrid design, technical and economic feasibility analysis, power flow analysis, business model development, commissioning, operation, controls, and system maintenance.

Grid Operator Training Online Course

IncSys and PowerData, strategic partners of LEAPS, have trained thousands of individuals on electric grid operation leading to certification as a grid operator by the North American Electric Reliability Corporation (NERC). Students undergo 90 hours of conceptual development and simulation-based lessons where they operate a simulated grid.