Our aim at LEAPS is to cultivate a culture of innovation that bridges the gap between industry needs and academic capabilities, resulting in the development of effective solutions that drive progress and meet the growing demands of the energy sector. Join us in our mission to facilitate the global transition to a resilient low-carbon economy. 

Our work spans a wide range of activities, from stakeholder engagement and testing new technologies to training and capacity building. Here are our six key services:

What we offer



LEAPS offers over 300 hours of flexible-format training in microgrid, grid modernization, and advanced energy topics. Training is available online, as concept-based lessons in a classroom setting, and hands-on through interactive simulators and physical hardware at ASU or through extension education. Topics compliment student education and support existing working professionals to yield trained personnel for the growing industries of renewables, microgrids, off-grid power, and grid modernization.

Technology Evaluation

Testing services are available for components, assemblies, and systems of components (e.g. microgrids) in the following areas:

    • Commissioning
    • Integration
    • Performance
    • Reliability
    • Resilience tests against physical and cyber threats

The LEAPS one-acre Microgrid and Grid Modernization Testbed includes test bays and nodes that can be used in isolation or in parallel with the grid, which allow use of standard and customized test protocols under steady state and transient characteristics for the grid, solar, wind, electric vehicles, storage, resistive and reactive loads, power electronics, and controls.


Prototyping services are available to create new components and assemblies of components on a work-for-hire basis or selecting from existing prototypes. Examples include turnkey containerized power and water systems, mobile clinics with backup power and water, microgrid controls (software and hardware), portable testing laboratories, portable training equipment, and more prototypes delivered as-is or customized to meet unique requirements


Consulting services are provided for master planning support, original technical design and financial modeling, and third-party evaluation of electrical infrastructure projects. Smaller off-grid projects are in the 10s of kW with larger on-grid projects in the 10s of MW. Examples include real estate developments, microgrid deployments, island communities, military bases, off-grid electrification, and more

What we Provide



Grid Modernization
& Microgrid Testbed

LEAPS’s one-acre Grid Modernization and Microgrid Testbed contain three microgrid nodes that can be isolated or operated in parallel with the utility. Those nodes include:

  • Microgrid Test Platform as a large ‘breadboard’ for any asset configuration (2-25 kW)
  • Microgrid Trailer used primarily for training and mobile demonstrations (7 kW)
  • Microgrid Container disaster response or weak-grid applications (20 kW)


Mobile Microgrid Training Platform

LEAPS provides a mobile 14-foot training platform containing a 10 kW generator, 4.5 kW of solar PV, a 7 kW inverter and microgrid controller, and 6 kWh of battery storage. The provided transfer switch and controls allow for grid integration and grid forming (islanding). Standard inverters and controllers include equipment by Outback, with optional inverters/controllers available from SMA, ABB, Ageto ARC, Victron, or other vendors if desired.


Mobile Training Toolkit

The Mobile Training Toolkit (MTT) is a portable solar PV training center “out of a box” that incorporates solar PV components, test equipment, tools, and educational materials to conduct hands-on training exercises as a part of a solar PV technician training curriculum. The MTTs are contained inside protective Pelican cases, making them ideal for transport both domestically and internationally.

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